About Us
Industry leaders in carbon-based technical textile fibres

Industry leaders in the production of high performance technical textiles and yarns.

Unrivalled experience in producing innovative fabrics from long staple oxidised pan and fibre blends, for markets requiring high heat and thermally stable properties.

Working with industry leaders in carbon-based materials for wet friction automotive markets, chlor-alkali production, electrochemical/fuel cell industry, and thermal insulation sectors, Universal Carbon Fibres engineer technical textile solutions to meet the demands of these sectors.

Other technical sectors we supply include:

  • Fireblocker fabrics supplied to aerospace and transport sectors to provide fire blocking layers in seating and structural fire protection.
  • Industrial cable manufacturers with Oasis® Super Absorbent Fibre in our innovative swellable and water blocking yarns.
  • Panotex® and inherent high heat & flame fabrics for industrial sectors, welding blankets and protective clothing & equipment including fire-fighting, police, arc flash, welding and molten metal protection.
  • Universal Carbon Fibres Ltd, produce and supply technical yarns, woven, non-woven and knitted fabric solutions meeting the high demands our customers expect, produced with fibres including Panox®, Kermel®, Lenzing ®, Technora® and Oasis®.