Water Blocking

Leading Moisture-Absorbing Technology

Universal Carbon Fibres experience in producing long staple yarns with OASIS Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) provides a range of products which can absorb moisture extremely quickly and in high volumes. Our capability of blending fibres for optimum performance ensures we can support the criteria needed by our customers.

Oasis water absorbing swellable yarn

OASIS yarns by Universal Carbon Fibres, with their superior moisture absorption properties, are used by international cable manufacturers across a wide range of cable sectors.

Our water swellable products are supplied in long staple ring spun or long staple wrap spun yarns and have been the preferred solution for many years. We continue to develop our cable water blocking product range to meet new challenges in the cable industry.

Cable Industry

Water absorbing and swellable yarns are designed for the power and telecommunication industries to meet the challenges within this sector. Designed to quickly absorb, swell and prevent the ingress of water into cables, these yarns minimise damage by preventing capillary action down the cable length.

Within the sector, our products are recognised for their superior and consistent performance and we are continually developing products to provide:

  • Very rapid reaction to water to provide excellent swelling and blocking performance
  • Enhanced strength
  • Cleaner, low-dust performance for cable manufacturers
  • Wide range of diameters for use in multiple cable designs