Personal Protection

The Ultimate Heat & Flame Protection for your High-Performance Needs

Fabrics for Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment, we provide a range of woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics incorporating intelligent blending of complimentary fibres providing protection against hazards across many market sectors.

  • EN 11611 Welding and Associated Hazards
  • EN 11612 Heat & Flame Protective Clothing
  • EN 11612 Molten Metal Splash Protection
  • EN 61482 Arc Flash Hazard Protection
  • EN 469 Fire-fighting Turnout Gear
  • EN 13911 Fire-fighting Fire Hoods
  • EN 1149 Anti-static Protection
High performance welding, slag, and fire protective clothing

Specialized Fabrics Blended for Heat, Strength, and Comfort

Maximising the use of Panox® within our fabrics we provide head to toe protection against heat, flame, molten metal splash, and arc flash hazards. Our unique fibre blends and fabric structures are designed to provide a balance in comfort and maximise protection against the hazards.

Panotex Performance Fire Resistant Fabric

With Panox® fibre as our core inherent fire resistant fibre you can be sure that reduced thermal heat transfer and non-break open protection are provided across our range, which include:

  • Knitted fabrics to provide next to skin protection with underwear and fire hoods.
  • Woven fabrics for outer wear using varying blends depending on technical requirements and including anti-static properties.
  • Aluminised fabric options are also provided for increased radiant heat and molten metal protection. Applications range from molten metal protective clothing, industrial machine insulation and inflatable life jackets for off-shore/welding sectors.
Panoguard durable protection against dirt, water, and chemicals
  • Panoguard standard fluorocarbon fabric treatment with eco-friendly C6 technology
  • Panoguard Nano super durable C6 fluorocarbon finish, provides excellent protection against dirt, water, light chemicals including petrol, with retained performance after more than 25 wash cycles
  • Free from PFOA and PFOS