Friction Materials

Achieve Extreme Surface Durability with UCF's Carbonised Woven Friction Fabrics

We work with customers to develop and produce innovative technical woven materials. Our friction fabrics are the pre-cursor to Pyrolitic or saturated Carbon materials, giving enhanced performance in the final application.

UCF’s fabrics are recognised as the market leading solution in friction materials.

Leaders in Friction Fabric Technology

Optimal Friction Fabrics for your Automotive and Sporting Applications

Through our established supply chain, our materials, made from oxidised pan fibre, are used in a number of automotive and sporting applications, including:

Torque Converters Torque converters
Dual clutch assemblies Dual clutch assemblies
Automotive synchronizers Synchronisers
Limited slip differentials Limited slip differentials
Inertia Brakes Inertia brakes
Fishing drag reels Fishing drag reels