Fire Blocker

Protecting the Transportation Industry with Reliable Heat & Flame Blocking Fabrics

Providing a range of sub-layer of fabrics to ensure heat & flame protection levels are achieved throughout the transport industry. Typically used in planes, trains, ships, trucks, and cars; our blockers have provided many years reliable service where high thermal performance is required.

Our fabrics meet or exceed the requirements of:

  • FAR/JAR 25.853(a) appendix F Part 1 (A) 1 (ii)
  • European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specification
  • CS-25 Clause 25.853 (a)
Transportation industry flame blocking fabrics

Protection, Strength and Comfort

As suppliers to British Airways for over 30 years, Universal Carbon Fibres are proud to have supplied our woven fire blocker for the seating in the many aircraft brought into service through the years.

Panotex fire resistant and heat resistant fabrics

Our Panotex woven provides the strength and durability of a woven and the drape and sewability of a knit to provide the most adaptable high performance seat fire blocker material in the market.