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Performance Fabrics

Universal Carbon Fibres products serve a variety of functions in many different fields and applications all with the same scope. Technical innovation to provide superior performance.

Our products rely on our technical ability to produce long staple yarn primarily working with PANOX® fibres, but also with other fibres including Kermel®, Technora®, Lenzing®, Polyester and OASIS®. The long staple fibres provide unique yarn properties and performance not achieveable from short staple fibres and provides the technical edge in so many markets we opperate within.

Depending on market application and performance requirements, UCF produces yarns and fabrics to meet the criteria necessary for our customer needs.

  • Carbon pre-cursor fabrics
  • Extreme flame & fire resistance
  • Barrier to heat
  • High strength and abrasion resistance
  • Water absorption & blocking using swellable yarns
Panotex fire resistant fibre
OASIS moisture-absorbing and swellable yarn
Universal Carbon Fibres is a key partner of Lenzing FR heat and flame resistant fibre PANOX thermally stabilized fire-retardant textile fibres Kermal protective clothing